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1Ages to participate?
Anyone from 5 to 95yrs of age and cleared by your doctor to perform such activity, is welcomed to have the experience of a lifetime.
2Days of open?
We are open Tuesday to Sunday. We have 3 activity times: 9am, 11:30am and 2:30pm. Holidays observed on Mondays we are open and closed on Tuesdays.
3How can we schedule an activity?
Go to "TICKETS" on the tabs menu and reserve right on the web.
4Dress code?
We recommend to dress as comfortable as possible and remember to wear closed toe shoes.
5How much in advanced should we arrive before an activity?
Please show up as sharp as you can for the time your activity is scheduled.
6Can we bring camera?
Yes you can. Also, for your full enjoyment we have installed automatic and selfie stations to take photos of those moments you want to preserve. Photos are only $17.00 per helmet.
7Sun screen or Bug Spray?
We encourage for everyone to look after their well being, any application of these products is welcomed. The application of these must happen before fitting of the equipment. We have available Bug Repellent Bands which help protect the environment, only $2.00.

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